Class Schedule

12:00pm Yin-Yang

6:00pm Yin-Yang

8:15am Hatha

5:45pm Yoga SCULPT

6:45 Restorative
1:00pm Vinyasa Flow

4:15pm Hatha

6:00pm Vinyasa Flow

7:00pm Restorative
7:00am Vinyasa Flow

8:30am Yin-Yang

2:00pm Vinyasa Flow

5:15pm Hatha

6:30pm Yoga SCULPT
7:00am Vinyasa Flow

8:30am Hatha

9:30am Yoga SCULPT Or Kid Friendly Yoga

6:30pm Yin-Yang
8:15am Vinyasa Flow

2:00pm Vinyasa Flow


a yoga mat on the floor

Join Us on the Mat

Our classes are the perfect way to start and/or end your week. No matter the class, we will always guide you through a variety of poses and techniques to help improve your flexibility, strength, and overall well-being. You can register for classes, and purchase memberships or class passes on the Vagaro app or website.

  • Vinyasa
    In this class we move through a creative series of poses synchronized with deep and intentional breathing.
  • Restorative
    Restorative yoga is relaxing and slow. We focus on deep breathing and holding stretches for longer periods of time.
  • Yin-Yang
    The Yin-Yang class is 30min of vinyasa followed by 30min of restorative yoga. It's the best of both worlds!

Yoga for all

Anyone is welcome to come to any class! With props, modifications, and advancements, we can customize any class to your level.
Try them all out! I am sure you'll find a class that's right for you.
With a focus on inclusivity and accessibility, everyone is welcome at Kaizen Yoga.

A skilled yoga instructor guiding a student holding a pose